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tv   [untitled]    March 16, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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the situation continues to was mr pounds focus even you get into with reports saying to react to polls have partially melted putting systems have failed it will six reactors and apply as i reported at the facility for a second time with one percent of the torn region of radiation is. meanwhile the people of toronto coping would be home to mouth of the devastating earthquake and tsunami and wish thousands have died here build stories and don't try to get the whole truth of the situation is getting out of control. and the death toll from friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami climbs to over three thousand with over seven thousand considered stone missing. and the nuclear trauma unfolding in
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time trials x.y.z. worldwide to question the over line some technology that's also proves more dangerous than helpful. right now the second part of the i don't a shot is coming up next. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award kansas lawmakers trying to deflect a few comments that he made about illegal immigrants that happen to be recorded on audio and then released to the media republican virgil pat was taking part in a meeting on monday to discuss the problem of wild pigs running free in kansas now the state currently uses helicopters to shoot the pigs and that's one version of pac had this brilliant idea.
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so virgil think that shooting illegal immigrants from the air would solve the state's illegal immigration problem doesn't verbal just sound like a really warm hearted nice person i mean personally i think it's insane that a lawmaker would advocate in a hearing of this shooting illegal immigrants from the air like wild boar would be a good idea after this meeting virgil was asked about his comments and you would think he would think that he might want to apologize but you would be wrong virgil said i was just speaking like a southeast kansas person really really so everybody in southeast kansas it in for illegals to be killed like animals somehow i doubt that the entire state is comprised of thought lizzie to phobics like you virgil i choose to give kansas a little bit more credit than that virgil went on to say that his constituents are extremely upset with illegal immigration and the state and federal government responses and while that might be the case giving anybody the idea that killing
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illegal immigrants is ok it's stupid and it's dangerous and as a lawmaker you should know better that's why kansas republican state senator virgil pac is tonight's tools i'm winner. the debate over those aggressive screenings at some airports here in the u.s. is about to heat up that twenty one year old virginia man has now filed a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars lawsuit against the t.s.a. who are being detained on disorderly conduct charges at the richmond international airport aaron tobie wrote and abbreviated version of the fourth amendment on his body that he stripped down to his shorts while going through the security screening area and aaron was flying last december to his grandmother's funeral when he made this political statement and this is where aaron had to say about his arrest after being released from police custody they got in line like anyone normally does i put my my belongings on the table to be x. rayed and the person for me was directed through
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a magnetometer and then i was directed towards the body scanner and took off by under for my sweatpants a stick there and running shorts for about two minutes wow the police arrived in the right he took me to a short story checkpoint handcuffed me. you can push me for. that keep in mind when aaron did his stripped down that was when the uproar of the backscatter machines was taking this country by storm what a national opt out day was even created so he opted for the pat down which as we all know has become incredibly invasive so that when he got to the security area he took off his pants took office shirts and revealed a fourth amendment written on his body he was to say that c.s.a. was not so amused by his actions and the federal lawsuit he claims to have been held for ninety minutes while handcuffed after the incident and according to lawsuit all under interrogation on december thirtieth the op already is one to know about his affiliation with or knowledge of any terrorist organizations if he had
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been asked to do what he did by any third party and what his intentions and goals were so it sounds like the t.s.a. and the police are on quite the fishing expedition prepare a little pissed off by americans who are tired of being felt up at the. court now this orderly conduct charges against aaron were dropped two weeks later but the university of cincinnati student is still suing the t.s.a. for breach of his first amendment and fourth amendment rights i think that more americans to take after aaron to be a college student who finally decided that he has had enough of his civil liberties being trampled on by the government. now here on this program we make absolutely no bones about calling out the g.o.p. for their endless attack on women's health care but today let's pay a special focus to the state of virginia you see there conservative state lawmakers clearly have a problem with abortion clinics in the state so a few months back they voted to implement regulations requiring the state's
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abortion clinics to be run like hospitals rather than the way they're currently run which is like a typical physician's office bill caused an uproar from pro women's rights supporters because opposed a serious threat to the twenty some abortion clinics in the state who offer first trimester abortions and obviously it was really just a way to shut these clinics down and it had nothing to do with health standards because you see at least seventeen of these clinics potentially potentially could afford to upgrade their offices to hospital standards that's forcing so many of them to close but the g.o.p. decided to move a couple months ago still wasn't strong enough so they now put any mergence the tag on the bill making this one of the states legislature's top priorities over any other issues like auto the budget or education now keep in mind when of bill has this emergency label on it the state has two hundred eighty days after the bill signed into law to write new regulations and it also gives the governor poetic license if you will to rewrite the health regulations however he pleases with just
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one chance for the health board to give their opinion on the new measure and i forgot to mention that virginia governor bob mcdonnell yeah he the huge anti-abortion advocates very vice captain i'm here in the state g.o.p. has essentially found a loophole a way to push forward their own agenda without anyone not even the state's health department able to stop them to stamp a big emergency on top of the bill and that lets the governor have free rein when it comes to this pressing issue can somebody please explain to me why this is an emergency considering our financial situation in this country well governor mcdonnell your efforts have not gone unnoticed on this show i'd like to take a moment to say that this backhanded way of pushing your own agenda is disgusting and quite frankly a huge step backwards for women's rights. there are countless numbers of women in this country working in the sex industry now some may want to get out but don't quite know how to do it let me introduce you to hookers for jesus the bait is based
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ministry of former sex workers looking to hook help and heal those who are still within it and they're not your typical throng be looking christians either these women are hot or not scared to show off their assets and use sex to sell jesus but how much of it is about liberating women from the shackles of sex slavery how much of this is a moral crusade joining me to discuss it is andy loeb founder of hookers for jesus and thanks so much for joining us today like i said from what i've read you're not necessarily afraid to show off your body you know when you try to talk to these women what are some other tactics that you use to real people in well first of all i don't necessarily show off my body i just stayed it cute outfit so. i don't know it's a lot better than what you still wear if you go well ok to come by bike you got a big do we need not necessarily a but looking girl absolutely some you know sects of christianity have taken
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it's really got their level and where you know amish clothing changes status and we're not about that we're about the real and living our lives. and now i know that some other members of the christian community have even gone as far as calling you cheap harlots what do you say to that. i think it's really funny because honestly you can call someone something but unless you know their heart you don't know anything these girls hearts are absolutely precious and just like mine was when i was in the industry no one knows what happens to someone until they have actually been there so for them to church it's honestly and misjudgement i guess i have to ask now you know what if there's a girl the desperately wants to get out of working in the sex industry but she doesn't want to find jesus she doesn't want to do it through religion are you still going to help her you know i mean is this about liberating women or is it about a moral crusade. i think it's a bit of both and i have helped women that don't believe in god that are atheists
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before i don't necessarily make that a requirement when i reach out to them that they have to believe in god but they have to believe in jesus i just try to show them a way to get out and if it comes to destiny house their city house is something a little different where they do kind of destiny house or house for a lot of sex trappings they will be going to church so that's part of the program ok so then what is a girl comes to you and she works in the sex industry and he doesn't want to get out to want to keep working but she just wants you to help her find jesus we're going to help her till absolutely i'll help anyone and you know i just had like this just in church come as you are i don't care if you stay in the industry i'm going to show you that god does not you no matter what people have told you before because if you think about it these women are rejected by not only built worlds culture you know after they're old enough to look havior nobody wants them it that nobody wants them and so who is going to handle these girls when they're ready to get out or who's going to handle these girls will go into crisis during their time
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working as a sex worker and that's what we're here for to support counseling just love we just want to love them because when i was getting out of it i didn't necessarily have to so i really feel like it's a complete need to be there for them as a friend and mentor we had tell us about i know these spent sixteen years working and then history so how how did you get out of you one day you know wake up and say that's it i'm doing this and was jesus there to help us and. you know have this organization. well i did get out actually this is so hilarious but a client rescued me out of the industry and taught me a trade but i didn't really have my core beliefs that i learned as a child going to church about god i thought god same and then our business fail together as a team and i got back on drugs i was on drugs or for i left the industry and i started prostituting again but that's when the kicker moment came into my life the fact that i couldn't go anywhere else but just believe that god created me and
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that's what i credit to jesus and. that's when we started this after a shield now i've heard. from some people saying that perhaps your organization doesn't differentiate enough between those women who might go into this industry consensually and between those that are actually traffic that are sold into sex slavery around the world that actually does damage or takes away from their plight what do you say to those critics. i don't believe that because here's the deal prostitute the word prostitute has been misused for centuries no one's ever labeled it sex trafficking and at least ninety percent of the women that are prostituting are sex truck someone's making money someone is forcing them or telling them if you leave this will kill you you know too much information and that's what happens to a lot of the girls that comes to me is they've had a path or they've had an abuser and he never money and they've been coarse and it fell in love with their abuser and what do you do about that those women are valid
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those women have a right to escape they need to be liberated you know just like the wonderful little girls that are in other countries that are getting trafficked everyone needs to be free this is a nationwide well quite epidemic it's been going on the only reason why we're seeing it in our right now is because we have television and internet and it's it's just something that just needs to be justified we need to rescue these girls and take care of business and you know it's definitely a good cause of the very catchy phrase for jesus any thank you so much for joining us tonight if you for having us. now so to come on tonight's show the federal government again stepping on states' rights when it comes to medical marijuana i'll give you more on the da's latest overreach coming up and we need to lighten things up a little bit around here so how about a little bit less aerobatic asa she has quite a few things to say about simply getting the right.
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if. he is he.
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he. says. my name is daniel smith this is. will make a short presentation about the wiki leaks project. the first. in the for the day is to get information out about the real world. war on. the biggest. enemy of the market. and you saw the danger it would hunt me down and kill. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the question because it has become
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a war as all james. then. mentions. but thank you. the whole bit will. be official. from the dumpster. on the. mission street. in montana the state's legislature is working on a bill that is going to repeal the state's medical marijuana law but it's currently
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being stalled and want the government was working on this issue the da had its own approach to the problem federal agents raided over ten medical marijuana operations in the state on monday this drawing a major grow house dispensaries computers and anything that's related to the growing and sale of medical marijuana now the president by growers as to why they are being raided the fence had it the feds had no comment and explained that the agents executed search warrants that were sealed now all pro medical marijuana advocates say that this move is going to severely hurt those who rely on those supplies to help with their illnesses others say the access to pot was allowing residents to obtain we even if they didn't really need it but many people seem to think that this mass raid was a politically motivated one it's an instance where the federal government overstepped their bounds and interfered with state laws and that's my question why are the feds getting involved in these drug raids back in two thousand and eight obama then said that he wasn't going to be using resources from the justice
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department to handle marijuana issues and that it should stay within the state. but what am i going to be doing what i'm not going to be doing is using the justice department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue simply because i want to be. investigated. by law and crimes of potential terrorism. there's a fear that obama said that he'd rather use those vital resources to deal with criminals with violent crimes and look at this video jay requested in its two thousand and twelve fiscal budget approximately thirty eight million dollars in funding for the d.a. he moved to other more vital areas within the agency so even the government knows that the feds should be using there are already for other matters now back to my original question why is the federal government getting involved that clearly the state of montana has this under control it's not like they were ignoring the issue hell they were voting on medical marijuana measures as the raids were happening so
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i just like to call to go back to his two thousand and eight stance on this issue or the feds do stay out of the state's business when it comes to it just another promise that he made that's been broken and yes we are counting. now we already know that facebook is just out of control the social media site is worth more than fifty billion dollars when the site went active in february of two thousand and four became a hit on college campuses but in the last few years it's just completely exploded around the world facebook currently has more than six hundred million active users worldwide and it's growing every single day and let's face it we've all spent mindless hours on the site looking at photos of dating our status or just snooping around on some of our friends but the facebook phenomenon as now moving into a new area clothing every day people are now starting to design their own facebook
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t. shirts and yes those people who just can't get enough of facebook now forcing their status updates on his wall blocking around in public the website that ruffles collected some of their favorite facebook t. shirts so we decided to pick a few to show you tonight there's the facebook makes work fun and i'll agree with that i think everyone needs a break sometimes or then there's i facebook your mom and i'm very glad to say that my mother is not on facebook so don't try it then there's the facebook got me laid t. shirt i'm sure that one's going to be really popular with the young guys out there and that's followed by the i poke on the first date shirt i still really don't understand what that whole poking thing is just say hello to someone and here's a good one nobody cares about your stupid updates now see i would buy that shirt because i really don't care what you had for dinner if you're running late to work on my favorite one is don't tag me in your photos after the christmas party banquet if you members of the loner show have to spend a few hours untag ing themselves from photos where you just might have looked like
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they were having a little too much fun and that's the latest trend popping up on the web face book t. shirts well there's already been a movie what's next maybe even a t.v. channel. and light of all the terrible devastating and heartbreaking news that it's going on around the world let's lighten up for a little minute shall we there are high school students out there who need to sext and yet they can still face criminal convictions or their college students who need their traditions of running naked on campus what cops are tearing those down and there are some things that should never be on t.v. like snooki and like the w w e and now they've been combined so what is going on well joining me from our studio in new york to discuss it is comedian and wonkette blogger sarah sarah thanks so much for joining us tonight now like i said you know it's been a heavy show we're talking about the war in afghanistan the u.s. is involved in two wars right now of course everyone is watching on rest in the
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middle east everyone has their eyes on japan that's recovering from this massive earthquake and the tsunami and that do you want to know what's trending online it's snooki and this following video let's show a clip. to show. you. what do you think should snooki give up the jersey shore or just move to the w w permanently. yes please i am so proud of little nicole police see oh my gosh a little girl from cricket see just has made it to the big time i would love to see her give up jersey shore i love the show but i think it sort of it's you know it's getting a little hacky at this point it's not really the indie underground hit that it was when it first started its little ximian stream now so i think that she should
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really pursue her true future and her true calling as a girl who beats other girls up i have to say because probably a good idea for the day because i didn't even know anybody watched that but you know snooki goes on and it becomes some kind of an internet sensation and i can't quite decide if it's really scary or perfect like you were saying but let me talk about this next story and i want to know what you think it says about the world we live it there are universities around this country that have traditions and including my university santa cruz there are traditions where students run naked around campus they might run naked through the choir and is that a sign of just this completely drunk misguided youth in america or is that a sign that we really are free. well i heard that you actually started the naked banana slugs on campus movement and so i think it's kind of disingenuous
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for you as a journalist to not disclose that alone or that is not funny i don't know who ever told you that rumor. i may have are implicated but i didn't spill any of that loop but if you were you were in the founder ok you were not the founder you know this is actually been in an all seriousness this seems like a thing that college kids have done for quite a long time right since colleges were invented there have always been scholars and he had to run around naked i suppose to let off steam i don't really know. but you know it happened in our parents' day it happened in our grandparents' day i'm sure that. when plato was expounding on various important topics to young good looking greek boys there was some nakedness although he may have invited that i don't know i eat if you ban it it's just going to happen more i'd say tolerate it and make it as safe as possible get your campus security officers out there make sure nothing
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to untoward happens to these children i think it's the sort of thing that needs to be managed rather than banned then again i like looking at nate naked eighteen to twenty two year old boys so i'm probably not an unbiased source. thing here right is that it's have seen aversive he is now banning it the deed said that it can't happen anymore but it was actually because the campus security does usually have to deal with this and at least in my university with really seemed like they enjoyed it believe me they turned the headlights on kicked their feet and just sat there watching everyone run by naked but here the campus security are actually saying that it's a hostile working environment that's in violation of federal regulations who are regarding sexual harassment i mean really this is an international anti police brutality day. ok that seems like the campus security force was just fed up with it because here's the thing about santa cruz students versus tough students say you see students in the u.c.
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system generally far more attractive than your average student particularly tough students i spent some time in boston before dropping out of college so i can tell you they're not that hot and be angry or they're angry or mean or people it should just be a regional thing if you are on a campus where everyone is sexy and you live in a nice warm happy laid back part of the country you should be allowed to be naked but if you are an ugly stressed out student in boston you should keep your clothes on i think that's a nice compromise ok there very quickly new jersey is now of passing a law that students will not actually have to be you know convicted of sexual offenses because because they sext this is a good thing or a bad thing i think it's a good thing i don't know if chris christie is behind this or but i think this is much much better than a lot of three of her measures so that he has supported thus far in his governorship absolutely it's ridiculous that these kids should be penalized for for
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being with one another in a sexy texting way as long as everyone is also underage it's ok i guess it's there thanks so much for joining us by i was very surprised to learn that it's now a new cast of teenagers around the country thanks. our before we go tonight it's time for our journey to the day when that says that the earthquake and tsunami in japan could be a message from god or not but he speculated on his radio show that god might be angry with some of the stuff that we're doing here on earth and by stuff he danced around hezbollah and radical islam so now they're responsible for the tsunami well tonight but we think that god should tweet glenn if i were causing disasters for stuff i don't like you would've been washed out to sea at birth as it were night so thanks for tuning in make sure you come back tomorrow sam seder is going to be back on the program at any time don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and to follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch frolicked youtube dot com watch the rona show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its
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entirety coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. first. of all clear cut. that explains the blast in the. air remains under treatment. i'm going to join. me on the.
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